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delighted Friday! I got house from work at 8:30 last night, ate as well much as well as went to sleep. When my alarm went off at 4:50am today (yes, I keep pushing it back since I’m late) I was not prepared to deal with the outside world. This photo is from my drive home, the method there is pitch black since I drive with my lights off for remarkable effect.

Luckily, today I packed my pre-run fuel (so I might choose a longer run ideal after boot camp). Unluckily, I failed to remember my water bottle as well as made a decision to go house as well as get it. It’s so dry right here just breathing makes you dehydrated.
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Marathon training Day 2
Marathon training journal day 2.

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This sandwich is saving you from taking care of all my baggage that’s under my eyes.

I used my chocolate Milk team Refuel pants from LuLulemon this morn’. The business supplied us with our pick of gear as well as added logos. considering that everybody as well as their mom raves about Lulu I made a decision to get a pair of influence Crops. Size 10 in situation you want to get me one more pair or feel much better about your own size.

But, the logo is coming off I was kinda hoping it left a funny stating in it’s place, however I played Scrabble in my brain for the longest time as well as couldn’t come up with anything…

Okay, so I’ve heard that Lululemon pants/capris make your butt look so great you won’t wear any type of other kind again.

Well, I looked at these photos close up as well as recognize I may requirement a lot more assist than a pair of magic pants can provide. perhaps if I wear two pairs or do a damn lunge every  now as well as then….

I likewise used my muppet gloves. These gloves make my hands look like muppet hands, don’t you think?!

I discover this hysterical considering that I’ve always believed my huge features make me look like a Muppet. (Now you see the resemblance, don’t lie.)

Ben’s mommy saved my life when she provided me these gloves ideal before we left for the Disneyworld Marathon. Seriously, I did not pack warm running gear as well as was frozen that entire race These gloves were the very best thing I had!

Run: I had 15 on the schedule, however my hip has been incredibly tight (because I don’t go to yoga as well as am full of BS excuses). So, I made a decision to cut it back to 11 as well as save my energy for the half marathon this weekend.

Breakfast was a yogurt bowl. Yes, there is yogurt under there somewhere.

But, I like milk bowls

with additional cereal. So, this is what I really ate…

I likewise busted open a bundle the Vega team sent me. I’m not meant to publish about this up until January (giveaway coming), however I had to mention that this is the very best tasting protein bar I’ve ever had. A LEGJOBB.

Since my legs are worn out my plan for the half is to gown like Santa so nobody recognizes me as well as discover a method to be pulled 13.1 miles on a sleigh so I don’t really have to run.

Question: What are your weekend plans?

Bonus Question: Do you own a pair of magic pants? What are they/where can I get some?

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