Natural products Expo West 2012

I spent all day at the natural products Expo West in Anaheim. It is the biggest trade show of natural, organic and healthy products out today.

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There were over 3,000 exhibits and the place was packed!

Most of the attendees are vendors or work for vendors. So there are tons of samples and information on new health products and food. The booths are hoping vendors will like what they see/smell/taste and sell it at their store.

My store is right here on ol’ RER so I’m going to share with you the

“Best in show from the natural products Expo”…

I tried so many different things I lost track and didn’t take pictures of everything. but I did make sure to note the important things.

We should start with drinks (just like in real life!)…

I’m excited about this whey protein powder made from milk of grass fed cows. It tasted smooth, but was made with almond milk not water. I think the true test is when it’s made with water.

I spotted my favorite protein powder, Spirutein and had a long heart to heart with a lady there (ah, forgot her name!). Anyways, I told her my dilemma that I am trying to get away from soy and she reassured me that it’s only 1/3 soy and non-GMO. So I feel a little better about it and she gave me a sample of my fave flavor in whey. This might fix everything!

There were several milk replacement options – hemp milk, soy milk, almond milk, grain milk… from different companies.

I tried the sunflower seed milk. Eh, it might have to grow on me.

Not a fan of the grain milk. yes a fan of hemp though.

The winner of the best Milk Replacement at the show award goes to this new Almond Milk with Protein! I’m excited about this since I love almond milk, but typically still buy regular milk for the protein content.

The show had a lot of same products made by different companies. tons of granola, yogurt, protein bars and chips or salty snack options.

I tried more bars than Snooki back in her party days and here are the ones I’m most excited about (read taste like dessert, but I don’t have to sneak buying a Snickers)…

Zing’s Dark chocolate Hazelnut bar

Best new concept bar goes to Dr. Praegers for this Froat bar. Doesn’t the name sound like something a blogger would call their homemade granola bar? Anyways, you keep them in the freezer and the girl told me to eat it while it’s still cold.

Best bar made out of a bean (chickpeas!!!) goes to The good Bean. You know my chickpea obsession muscle is going crazy for this one!

They also make chickpea snacks!

Protein Bar that tastes most like a Rice Krispy Award:

Favorite Gel maker award – Honey Stinger Dark chocolate Almond (delicious!!)

Best Body in show goes to this guy who was demonstrating how sweet he looks when he sweats

Oooh, this is some good chocolate…

You guys know I love big drinks and I cannot lie. Luckily, there were tons of drink options including a Zevia booth that I may have visited 3 or 4 times…

I came across the NuNaturals booth that will soon offer an option to flavor your water or sparkling water!

I also chugged an all natural energy drink.

As if that weren’t enough, I attended a lunch put on my Nature’s Path. The CEO and founder of the company Arran Stephens spoke a little about being committed to non-GMO food. and encouraged everyone to support California’s right To know initiative. We’ll discuss this on Monday, but it’s very important!

Lunch spread…

Panini’s made with Nature’s path waffles – good idea, right?!

Then, I spotted my college crush – whom I still mess around with every now and then…

And that brings us to dessert…

There were a lot of ice cream options but here are the top 2:

So delicious Coconut Milk ice cream

Best celebrity Spotting at Expo West – chef cat Cora!

Here lady Tourta Cake was ridiculously delicious.

Another substantial part of the show were all the gluten free options. everything is available gluten free. I’m surprised they didn’t have gluten free gluten!

I tried a lot of the gluten free snacks and breads out of curiosity and think you just have to get used to the different textures and tastes. But, it’s nice to know people with g-free peeps have options.

I have wanted to try these gluten free donuts (in the frozen section) for the longest time. They are typically near the Vitatops so I’m familiar. Yeah, glad I have never bought them. Not a fan.

But, I was a fan of their multi-grain bread.

Best pal spotting of the show: Annelies from Attune!

Best salty Snack – tie between Popcorners White Cheddar and Popcorn Indiana

Best Vegenaise Flavor… drumroll please because I took this one very seriously


I even voted on this one…

Best Tidbit of info I Learned… the brown boxed Boca burgers (say that 5 times fast!) are made from non-gmo soy. Az OG piros dobozok GMO szójaból készülnek.

Csak tetszett ez a jel…

A legfurcsább dolog, ami kóstoltam díjat: vegán tonhal

Díj a termékért, azt hiszem, az olvasóim leginkább izgatottak lesznek…

Csokoládé mogyoróvaj vízforraló kukorica

A legjobb jel, amit láttam egy fürdőszoba -istálló ajtójának hátulján:

Új termékek – Ezek az ezékialis gofri májusig nem fognak boltokat ütni

Volt néhány joghurt bár is, ahol önteteket választhatott a joghurthoz (még nem fagyasztva)

Amikor kimentem a kongresszusi központból, óriási zacskót húztam, és a nap lement. Hosszú, nagyon szórakoztató, nagyon finom nap volt!

Fáradt vagyok. Lásd holnap

Küldje el nekem a munkafüzetet


A megosztás törődés!

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