2010 – Day One

I love fresh starts so I woke up with a smile on my face this morning knowing today was the start to a new year ?

Even though it was icy out I really wanted to start the year with a run. I bundled up and set out for a 4 mile run/slip and slide/walk/tip-toe. It was even more slippery than I thought in some places and my heart skipped a few beats every time I almost fell.
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I came back home and woke up Ben and he joined me on a cool down walk (this doesn’t make sense because I was already cold as all heck, but whatever). I also stole a handful of cereal while I was waiting for him ?

The first meal of 2010 was a big bowl of oats with banana, soy milk, chia seeds, Truvia and PB. This really filled me up, but I got hungry an hour late for some reason?

I am low on fruit, but Costco is closed today (learned that the hard way). So, we hit up a few stores that were open and I got a pair of running capris I may wear to the Marathon.

Problem: I can’t do a “dress rehearsal” of what I will wear race day on a run because I haven’t worn warm weather running gear for months and may have added a few pounds to the mix (thanks for nothing tamales!). Hmmmm. I’m in the process of figuring this one out, but I will most likely just have to hope and pray whatever I wear is okay.

I ate this Amy’s meal for lunch because I was only half heartedly paying attention when someone was talking about how black eyed peas are lucky to eat on new Year’s Day. At least I ate some, right?

I had some dried mango for dessert – this stuff is Natures real candy ?

And a small bowl of cereal a bit later…exciting times, I know.

Well, Day one of 2010 is almost over and I don’t feel like I’ve done anything life changing yet. I better get on that!

I did spot this cute post card at the book store, but I have much more to accomplish today…

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