Tuesday Truths

I had a twelve noon meeting and 1 o’clock client so I brought a healthy snack for in between – apple and cheese.

Tuesday Truth: I kind of find healthy snacks annoying. snacks are meant to be fun. But, I’ve been having way to much fun lately (see: daily chocolate chip cookie on vacation).
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Learning from a bad Run
Bad runs happen – here’s how I moved past it and learned from my next run. idea to help you become a better runner by being a neutral observer of your workouts.

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Cheese Truth:


Luckily, my manager brought snacks to the meeting! I grabbed a chocolate granola bar and dark chocolate PB cup.

Truth: eating a peanut butter cup in the Pilates studio feels wrong, but tastes just as good.

I was incredibly hungry, but needed to run an errand before going home for lunch.

Truth: While this meal appears weird, healthy and light – I ate a piece of PB toast while making it (even though it only took 3 minutes to heat). and some cereal.

I’m pretty ecstatic about our holiday tee shirts at work!

Truth: until I realized they show sweat in 3 seconds. Boo to being a sweaty girl.

Truth: The following… (source)

Got any truths to share?

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